ARCHIVE: 09/19/2010 Week 2 Predictions

This was originally posted on 09/19/2010 on my Facebook, while I was still figuring out how to get started.  I didn’t write anything for week 1 while I was focused on drafting for my four fantasy football teams.  I copied and pasted it here to make it easy to look back and see how far I’ve come!


Buffalo Bills (0-1) at Green Bay Packers (1-0)
Line: Packers by 12.5
Pick: Packers. There’s really no reason to think the Packers won’t win this game by two scores or more. In a sidenote, I just learned that my uncle was friends with Chan Gailey in high school!

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)
Line: Ravens by 2
Pick: It’s easy to pick the Ravens here, but these divisional games are always tough. This is the game in which Cedric Benson surprised everyone by rushing for over 100 yards last year… but I’m still seeing the Ravens winning this tough game on the road.

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) vs. Tennessee Titans (1-0)
Line: Titans by 5
Pick: Titans. The Steelers looked pretty rusty last week, and may not have their act together yet… A couple of years ago, the Titans used to win with a strong D and a little offense, but now they’re doing it the other way around. I give a lot of credit to Jeff Fisher for using whatever talent he has to win, rather than trying to force his players into some silly system he coaches, and losing.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) vs. Detroit Lions (0-1)
Line: Eagles by 6
Pick: Lions. This game may be a lot closer than it appears. Jim Schwartz is learning how to compete in Detroit, and the Eagles looked pretty awful last week. I don’t think Andy Reid is going to let the team suck that bad again, and I am afraid Michael Vick may be as good as he was circa 2005 again (which is to say below average, but with a huge upside if the Lions can’t contain him on the ground). But I am predicting/rooting against the NFC East this week, for better or worse, and I think an upset here is totally possible.

Chicago Bears (1-0) vs. Dallas Cowboys (0-1)
Line: Cowboys by 8
Pick: Bears. I am not all that confident that the Bears will actually win, but they are better than they were last year, and the Cowboys are not as good as they were. Can you imagine Alex Barron trying to block Julius Peppers? The Bears should at least beat the spread.

Arizona Cardinals (1-0) vs. Atlanta Falcons (0-1)
Line: Falcons by 6.5
Pick: Falcons. I admit I see a little Kurt Warner in Derrick Anderson, and obviously so does Ken Weisenhut, but this is still the Derrick Anderson that couldn’t outplay Brady Quinn in Cleveland, and now both have been replaced by the handshake of Jake Delhomme. Meanwhile, the Falcons are seeing the first great year of many to come for them, thanks to coach Mike Smith and GM Thomas Dimitroff.

Miami Dolphins (1-0) vs. Minnesota Vikings (0-1)
Line: Vikings by 5.6
Pick: Dolphins to win. This game is going to suck, and I can’t believe this is the only morning game on broadcast here. Nobody can run on the Vikings D, and all the Dolphins O can do is run. I am going to Old Chicago’s downtown instead.

St. Louis Rams (0-1) Vs. Oakland Raiders (0-1)
Line: Raiders by 3.5
Pick: Rams. Forget the notion that the Raiders actually have some real NFL talent this year. They lack the infrastructure to use it. In other news, I hear that that Bradford kid might turn out to be okay. It would be nice if the Rams hired someone for him to throw to though.

Seattle Seahawks (1-0) Vs. Denver Broncos (0-1)
Line: Broncos by 3.5
Pick: Seahawks. The Seahawks are just the kind of mediocre team that will inexplicably dominate the Broncos. I am afraid of two Mike Williams touchdowns or some such bullshit in this game, while the Broncos try to counter with some bullshit screen passes to Brandon Lloyd on 3rd and long after running Knowshon into the defensive line a couple times.

Houston Texans (1-0) vs. Washington Redskins (1-0)
Line: Texans by 3
Pick: Redskins, but bear in mind, I am a Redskins fan and I don’t generally have an objective view on the teams I am emotionally attached to (see: my previous NFC East picks). I am looking forward to seeing how much of last week’s win over the Cowboys was the Redskins being good and how much was the Cowboys being dysfunctional. If you’re wondering, yes, Arian Foster is “the real deal.”

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) vs. San Diego Chargers (0-1)
Line: Chargers by 7
Pick: Jaguars. Nobody remembers that Jacksonville even has a team, but they are actually pretty good. The Chargers have been declining for years now, and this is the end for the Chargers as we know them. Norv Turner will be replaced next year, and though AJ Smith deserves a lot of blame as well, he will keep his job. He used to be a great GM, maybe he can be again someday. The Chargers will make it a game if one of their wide receivers can score a touchdown, but they might as all be named NotVincent Jackson. Phillip Rivers is still good but he needs more than one elite receiver.

New England Patriots (1-0) vs. New York Jets (0-1)
Line: Pats by 3
Pick: Pats. The Jets were never as good as everyone thought they were last year, but their defense this year should be even better. Revis can’t possibly play as extraordinarily as he did last year, but having Cromarte at the other CB position across from him will help. It’s the offense that I don’t like–Shonn Greene won’t be as good due to his o-line declining, and Sanchez is below replacement level.

New York Giants (1-0) vs. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)
Line: Colts by 5
Pick: Colts. God damn it I am not looking forward to hearing about the Mannings all fucking game.

New Orleans Saints (1-0) vs. San Francisco 49ers (0-1)
Line: Saints by 5.5
Pick: Saints. The 49ers will rebound from last week, but the Saints are just better than them.

About The Warren Peace NFL Report

Warren is Redskins fan living in Bronco country. He’s co-founder of the Team Tomorrow ski and snowboard team, and a guy at the bar last Sunday told him, “you know a lot about football for a weirdo.” His favorite conversation about football happened sitting inside a giant volcano at Colorado's regional Burning Man high on LSD.
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