NFL Week 5 Preview!

Fig. 1 Salt Lake City

Hello, readers! I’m leaving on an impromptu road trip out to Salt Lake City today! I am stoked, as the drive is going to be beautiful, but I won’t be back until Friday or Saturday, which means I won’t have time to do a proper week 5 preview. So here’s something I threw together, just to help get you started thinking about the weekend’s games.

Early Games

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens
I don’t like this matchup for Denver. No sir, I don’t like it at all. Baltimore’s o-line is too good, and their receiving corps is too deep and physical. I’d take the Ravens here.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills
The Bills have thrown to their #2 WR (does it matter what his name is?) more often than they’ve thrown to Lee Evans this year. The Jags are the least predictable team so far this year, except for maybe the Seahawks, but the Bills are predictably bad. Jacksonville should win it.

Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers
I hear Jay Cutler is going to play, despite his concussion a week ago. The Panthers don’t have the pass rush that the Giants do, and I hope Mike Martz isn’t stupid enough to use the same shitty gameplan two weeks in a row. Plus, without Steve Smith, the Panthers will be forced to run the ball every down, which might actually be a good thing. The Bears aren’t as good as their record but they should run away with this one.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Cincinnati Bengals
Crap vs. Crap here. Who cares who wins this stupid game.

Atlanta Falcons @ Cleveland Browns
Ha. Falcons, and it won’t be close. If TO can get 222 yards against this defense, just imagine what Roddy White can do. He won’t need to get 200 yards though, as the Falcons will get the lead early and then pound the clock with Turner and Snelling.

St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions
Are the Rams for real, or for fakes? Will the Lions finally win a game? I know they really, really want to.

New York Giants @ Houston Texans
It depends on if Andre Johnson is playing or not.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts
Another interesting “is this team for reals?” game. A couple turnovers on defense, and a couple rushing touchdowns could do it. Chiefs could upset here.

Late Games

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins
I like how the Redskins match up with the Packers. Aaron Rodgers complained last week about a lack of multi-WR sets, and he feels those sets put the Pack’s best players on the field. The coaching staff is sure to listen to him, and they will test Washington’s depth in the secondary. The Redskins best hope is to win with their pass rush, and getting to Rodgers before the receivers have a chance to get open. If the ‘Skins can jump a couple routes for interceptions, they should be able to contain the Packers. I’m going with the Redskins, but it will be a tough upset to pull off.

New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals stink, and the Saints don’t. ‘Nuff said, right?

Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys have too many problems, and I have a feeling they spent their bye week practicing things that the Titans will blow up. Plus, the ‘Boys aren’t as disciplined as the Broncos on defense. CJ should return to his 2009 form here. Take the Titans.

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders
Will the Raiders man Nnamdi Asamugha on Antonio Gates all day? It may behoove them to. The Raiders are looking like a real football team, but I still don’t buy Gradkowski as a real quarterback. Chargers.

Sunday Night

Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers have shown they can win a game, only throw it away in the final seconds. They’ve done that too many sad times in the last two years. Too bad their coach is an idiot. Still, without Vick, the Eagles are toast. 49ers in another upset.

Monday Night

Minnesota Vikings @ New York Jets
What can one Randy Moss do? Well, he did smoke Darelle Revis a couple of weeks ago. What can one LaDanian Tomlinson do? We’ll find out, as he’s going from facing one of the worst run defenses to one of the best. The Jets are going to need Sanchez to win this one for them, since their ground game will be stuffed. If it were in Minnesota, I’d take the Vikings in a second. Since it’s not, it’ll be close.

Someone pointed out that if the Pats were to let Moss walk after his contract expires after the season, they would receive a compensatory pick at the end of the 3rd round from the NFL anyway. They didn’t trade him in order to move up 10 spots in the 3rd round. Moss has said that he wants to retire young; this will be his last season in the NFL. Sorry, Vikings fans.

About The Warren Peace NFL Report

Warren is Redskins fan living in Bronco country. He’s co-founder of the Team Tomorrow ski and snowboard team, and a guy at the bar last Sunday told him, “you know a lot about football for a weirdo.” His favorite conversation about football happened sitting inside a giant volcano at Colorado's regional Burning Man high on LSD.
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2 Responses to NFL Week 5 Preview!

  1. Wren says:

    I am so sick of losing money in a pool. I am going to use your blog to increase my chances. So don’t fuck up. 😉

  2. Sherri says:

    Yeah, Ravens…spanked that ass!

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