The Next Evolution of the Game

When we watch video of football games from 50 years ago, it’s like watching a different sport. The game has evolved for the better, and for it to continue to hold its place as the most popular sport in the United States, it must keep evolving.

Field goals are the obvious place to improve. How many times have you said, “oh great, a field goal, change the channel, we’ll come back to this game later.” Field goals and extra points would be more exciting if they had a goalie to beat, right? But how could you do that, considering the posts are 30 feet high? You could make extra points like free kicks in soccer, but that would piss off half the fanbase. No, there’s a better way–

SHOTGUNS! And I don’t mean the formation you see Peyton Manning in:

You would watch field goals if the did it like this. Hell, I would look forward to field goal attempts. “HEY, everyone, field goal attempt!  Get in here!”

Now, what is the one thing Americans love more than football and guns? Hot jailbait ass. Can we find a way to incorporate that with our football-viewing experience? I’ll leave that up to you, marketing geniuses.

crack marketing team

This is the NFL's crack marketing team. (Crack Marketing?)



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