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2011 NFL Draft: Day 1

The biggest winner at the draft: the fans! I’m proud of the fans in New York for booing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell! As I’ve wrote before, he is nothing but a voicebox for the owners, and he is a big … Continue reading

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This is stupid

The lockout is over, but the players are still locked out. The owners didn’t like what the court told them, so they’re going ahead and doing what they wanted to do all along. The owners have been licked. They’ve lost … Continue reading

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Every Redskins fan hates watching their team suck under the rule of Daniel Snyder. However, this NPR article puts things in perspective–yep, Snyder really is the worst owner in professional sports, beating out a gay-hating anti-evolutionist and a racist slumlord. … Continue reading

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Music Video of the Year!

Ellis Lankster, everyone! While this doesn’t reflect well on the Quality of education offered at West Virginia University (or Jones County Junior College), it does go to show that one kind of brilliance does not necessarily follow another.

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