This Redskins cutie calls Snyder a "Jackwagon." Nice.

Every Redskins fan hates watching their team suck under the rule of Daniel Snyder. However, this NPR article puts things in perspective–yep, Snyder really is the worst owner in professional sports, beating out a gay-hating anti-evolutionist and a racist slumlord. The article closes with the idea of “sports without owners.” This is an idea I support. Last week I pointed out that the owners are the only non-essential factor in the NFL equation, and they ought to be grateful to be in a position to make millions of dollars off of the sacrifices made by the players while doing nothing, rather than threatening a temper-tantrum lockout because they want even more money for doing nothing than they’re already getting.

If you don't do it for me, do it for her!

I wrote that I wouldn’t mind if the NFL lockout is the end of the NFL as we know it, thus creating a football void for a new professional league to fill. I am stuck being a Redskins fan, whether I support the way the team is run or not. I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to choose a new team to become emotionally attached to, one closer to Colorado, one preferably run by better management, one that has a chance to win games. This article documenting Daniel Snyder’s reign points out a lot of things a fan wouldn’t notice unless they live near Washington and attempt to attend Redskins home games. Among the unfair ways Snyder has tried to squeeze money out of fans:

What football is really all about

Ugh. All this from a team that has gone 68-92 in the last 10 years. I have been a Redskins fan since I’ve been old enough to watch football. The Jack Kent-Cooke/Joe Gibbs teams were great to be a fan of. With the exception of the 2005 team, the Dan Snyder-era teams have made me embarrassed to call myself a Redskins fan.


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