Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

The post-Jake Plummer quarterback saga in Denver continues! Tim Tebow has ascended to the top of the depth chart in Denver, where he will presumably distribute one football to a multitude of receivers, and part the offensive line simply by raising his hands. Although the WPNFLR has been a fan of Kyle Orton throughout his career, I have to agree that this was the right move for coach John Fox to make. And not just because #15 is the best-selling Bronco jersey here in Colorado. The 2011 Broncos are going nowhere, Orton’s contract is up after this year and is unlikely to be resigned, so why not see what ol’ temperate Tebow can do?

Orton hasn’t played well this year in Fox’s offense; he ranks in the bottom 1/4 of starting quarterbacks, in the company of Jay Cutler and the over-the-hill version of Donovan McNabb. The previous two years in a Josh McDaniels offense, however, Orton was among the top 1/3 of the league. As immeasurably bad McDaniels was at managing a football team, he was always a very good offensive coordinator. I’d like to see McDaniels leave his dead-end gig in St. Louis and re-unite with Orton somewhere in 2012, perhaps in Oakland or Kansas City.


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