The Bottom of the Barrel

Bleakness of the Broncos Future

Certain ignorant Bronco fans are chanting “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow,” since they have nothing else to hope for, and tall but otherwise unexceptional receiver Brandon Marshall, traded to Miami for draft picks already long ago squandered, is missed beyond all other ex-Broncos lost in the Great Hemorrhage, otherwise known as the Denver Depletion, or the Mile-High Mistake. This post-apocalyptic aftermath is a bleak time to be boosting blue and orange. Fans don’t appreciate the future that new coach John Fox can bring: short-term stability, and the promise of mediocrity by 2013. That’s good because beginning at average, anything can happen.

Kansas City’s Greatest Folly

Meanwhile, Kansas City is royally screwing up their chance to draft Andrew Luck by going on a pointless two-game winning streak. Will they remember these two sad victories over other bottom-of-the-barrel teams, years from now? Will they look back fondly and smile because for two Sundays in a row they were better than the 0-3 Vikings and the 0-4 Colts? No, this shortsightedness is Kansas City’s downfall and ultimate failure that in the future no one will remember or understand.

Luck: Who all the fuss is about. (photo:

Backward thinking is coach Todd Hailey’s modus operandi; in 2010, Jamaal Charles had one of the most successful seasons a running back has had in NFL history, while the starter Thomas Jones was one of the least successful players in the league that year. Despite Jones’ ineffectiveness, Haley gave him 15 more carries than Charles (246 vs 231) despite Charles averaging more than twice as many yards per carry (6.34 ypc vs. 3.03 ypc). The 2010 Chiefs won ten games and the AFC West in spite of coach Haley’s senseless management, which caught up with them as they lost in the first round of the playoffs. Now he has the 2011 Chiefs playing just good enough to miss out on the best quarterback prospect since Philip Rivers in 2004.

There is no shame in enduring a 1-15 or dare I say 0-16 season this 2011 if it all but guarantees extended future glory. The Colts sucked enough to own the #1 pick when they drafted Peyton Manning. Do you think Colts fans regret any of those 13 losses in 1997? Probably none of them. The Chargers sucked enough to own the #1 pick when they ended up with Philip Rivers. Do you think fans remember those 12 losses in 2003? I doubt it. Andrew Luck is the best prospect the NFL has seen since Rivers. I see Rivers as Luck’s absolute bottom floor, his ceiling is Manning or beyond.

Jim Caldwell is a Fool

Indianapolis is 0-5 but what the fuck are they going to do with Luck? For better or for ill, they are Peyton Manning’s team until the end. No other team has been so comprehensively built around the skillset of one man, from his offense to the defense designed to prevent comebacks, to the nutless coaching staff who are closer to being Manning’s secretaries than to being team leaders. The Colts are Manning and Manning is the Colts and they would be fools to think otherwise. Unfortunately, head coach Jim Caldwell is just the kind of fool who may throw away everything good in Indy for a chance to build something much worse.


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