I Hate Being a Redskins Fan. Go Bears!

New starting Bears QB Caleb Hanie when he was at Colorado State

I wrote yesterday that the Broncos cut quarterback Kyle Orton. It appears that he requested that the Broncos cut him when he learned that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler would need surgery and would miss significant time. He was hoping to get some playing time with his former team, possibly leading them to the playoffs. But he failed to clear waivers, being claimed by the 4-6 Chiefs. My first question: WTF didn’t the 3-7 Redskins claim him? Do they think they are better off with their pathetic Rex Grossman/John Beck combo? Did they think it would effect the team morale negatively, to improve their quarterback situation? WTF were they thinking?

How can you not like the guy?

Orton has shown that from 2008 to the present that he can be a top-10 quarterback on a team willing to support him (this does not include the 2011 Broncos). How often do you have the opportunity to claim a player like that, while giving up nothing but his $3M salary? This is a rare opportunity that the Redskins let pass them by.

Before we knew that we would even have an NFL season, part of me hoped that there would be no resolution in the labor dispute. I wanted to see the NFL players become free agents, and that a new league would form, allowing me the opportunity to pick a new favorite team, because I absolutely HATE being a Redskins fan. I can’t stand it anymore. But I can’t change the fact that I AM a Redskins fan any more than I can change the color of my  eyes. Sure, I could use contact lenses for that, just as I could physically wear another team’s colors, but underneath the lenses my eyes would still be blue, and I would still be a Redskins fan. Today, they had a chance from the football gods themselves to snag a quarterback who could help them get out of their rut, and they missed it. Fucking morons.

The silver lining of the cloud of wretchedness over my head is that the apparent new starting quarterback in Chicago is Colorado State graduate Caleb Hanie. Of the three quarterbacks who started for CSU while I attended classes and smoked pot–Bradlee Van Pelt, Justin Holland, and Hanie–I thought Van Pelt or Holland would have the best NFL careers. But it looks like Caleb might be the best of the bunch after all.

Maybe I’ll be a Bears fan from now on…


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2 Responses to I Hate Being a Redskins Fan. Go Bears!

  1. Ryan Keating says:

    The problem is that the Ghost Dance Prophecy hasn’t come true yet. The Redskins won’t make a comeback until that happens. I think your destined to await the great White Buffalo’s return, and then whitey will lose his grip on North America, and after a long wait the Redskins can dominate again in nature’s bliss. Who knows? Looks like that might happen sooner than you think. I hear war drums and white people all over the USA look pretty worried.

  2. Is there a non-white man in the country rich enough to buy the team from Daniel Snyder?

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