A Faux Pass

Mike Tanier said, “Despite their record and lack of star power, the Seahawks can be very entertaining, vacillating between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Bad News Bears within a few plays. One minute, they are returning a blocked kick for a touchdown. The next, Tarvaris Jackson is bouncing a bobbled snap off every extremity like an out-of-practice sidewalk juggler. Recent games against the Rams and the Eagles suggest that the worse the opponent, the more likely the Seahawks are to coax them into a three-hour comedy routine.”

So I pulled up the week 13 Eagles game on NFL Rewind, and by god, he was right!

The first drive begins with ten Seahawks in the huddle, with Golden Tate racing out just before the snap, apparently having forgotten he was starting. After some zany extracurricular roughness from the Eagles fat guys, it ends in a fumbled shotgun snap where Tarvaris Jackson scrambles to break three tackles, before still getting sacked by Trent Cole. On the Eagle’s first drive, Vince Young saw and raised Jackson, throwing a crazy interception after a silly scramble. There is some real football in there too. You’ll see Marshawn Lynch break off beat mode runs,

Lynch’s first quarter touchdown is funny as well as good

you’ll see the Eagles making good plays to stuff him. But a quarter in, this is already the funniest football game of the year. If the Rams game is this good, I may stay up laughing all night!

Follow the jump for pictures I found!

I did a picture search for "football comedy" and this is what I found.

Ivory Coast players using magic.

Ah, here's one with our kind of football!

I love the Redskins.

That's all I can find. You want to laugh, YOU make a blog!


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