The Beautiful Game

When I was growing up in the 90s, it seemed like a revolutionary idea that the guy deejaying a rave wasn’t supposed to be hyped up like a rock star. He was an interesting person at a party full of interesting people. It’s a cool attitude that’s spread from the underground rave scene to everyday life in America.

Now, being an NFL fan is more than just being a fan of the players on the field. We are also fans of the fans. Fans of guys like this guy, who make being a football fan more fun.

“Dez Bryant, if you don’t get your shit straight, you’re gonna find your ass in Cleveland

You can’t deny the honesty and intensity of this man’s emotions, emotions we’ve all felt before. With this video he helped me to stop seeing a Cowboys fan, and to start seeing a football fan. It doesn’t matter what team you root for, only that you root for them.

Football season is awesome.


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