I <3 Football Youtube Special Part I: The Greatest 60 Seconds

I love the NFL because it makes every fall Sunday a madhouse! After playing seven simultaneous Sunday morning games (kicking off @11AM), they had four more afternoon ones (kicking off @2PM). Watch below, as three of Sunday’s afternoon games are decided, on one screen, at more or less the same exact moment in time:

In case you wanted to see the 76-yard RGIII touchdown run from the top video above, in full-screen glory:

  • A brief update from week 2 of this year, when the Rams beat the Redskins in what was by far the dirtiest game I’ve ever seen in professional football. The Rams seemed to know that the replacement refs would completely lose control of the players, and it looked like dirty play after the whistle was part of their gameplan. The game ended when Rams defensive back Cortland Finnegan drew a personal foul on Redskins receiver Josh Morgan in the closing seconds, backing the Redskins out of range of a game-tying field goal. Morgan was retaliating after yet another dirty tackle, but the second guy is always the guy to get penalized. I had forgotten that Morgan wasn’t the first receiver who wanted to fight Finnegan recently. In 2010 when Finnegan played for Tennessee, Houston’s Andre Johnson did too.

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2 Responses to I <3 Football Youtube Special Part I: The Greatest 60 Seconds

  1. From the college ranks: a Florida State lineman going full retard on a bizarre play

  2. My comment is the top-rated comment on this video, with 60 thumbs-up so far:
    “The NFL is the only place where it’s a 15-yard penalty for two men to dance together.”

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