I <3 Football Youtube Video Special Part III: Celebrations

Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens. I’m sad to say they did fine him again, and specifically for the poster asking them not to, no less.

The NFL essentially requires its players to at least attend college. Whether they take advantage of the opportunity and learn something or not is a different question, but having a chance is better than not having one.  Does that have anything to do with having the best and most creative celebrations in sports (or sometimes, the opposite thereof), even after killjoy Roger Goodell passed rules against them. You decide:

Here’s J.J. Watt, after sacking Aaron Rodgers, throwing off the stupid “discount double check” belt:

Because fuck belts, that’s why

Here’s Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones, doing one of the weirdest touchdown dances I’ve ever seen:

I wouldn’t call Jones the worst dancer in the NFL, not if Saints receiver Lance Moore has anything to say about it.

Next, here’s evil genius Chad Johnson’s Riverdance, after he caught a TD against the Bears. For context, this was not long after word got out that Chicago’s Brian Urlacher was found to have impregnated the woman who infamously sued Riverdance choreographer Michael Flatley (more on that story below):

Tell me how that isn’t awesome. I challenge you. Not all of Johnson’s touchdown celebrations can be considered successes, however. In this clip, Johnson tries to leap into Cleveland’s dawg pound, where he’s welcomed by a Browns fan who douses him with beer.

One player making fun of another never gets old. As an Eagle, Terrell Owens dangerously mocked the signature Ray Lewis dance. As a 49er, he mocked the entire city of Dallas, scoring a touchdown and celebrating on the mid-field star.

That dirty hit at the end? Cowboys safety George Teague is all class, that one.

Note: Urlacher knocked up Tyna Robertson, who is [in]famous for suing Michael Flatley, after he allegedly raped her in 2002. Flatley showed the court that the sex was consensual, and won $11 million in a countersuit for extortion. Flatley promised to give the proceeds from the case to charity, though Robertson hasn’t made any payments yet. But it gets sadder: when she’s not accusing him of turning their son gay, most of their son’s life has seen Urlacher and Robertson involved in court disputes over custody, visitation and child support. The moral: stay away from crazy bitches who rape easy, especially if you’re a millionaire athlete like Urlacher.

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