I <3 Football Youtube Video Special Part II:Fat Guys Carrying the Ball

More of this below!

“The best play in football is when the fat guy gets the ball and runs with it!” is the top rated comment on this first video, with over 120 thumbs-up. This post includes more than 2,080 lbs of 100% pure fat dudes:

We’ll begin with 340 lb. Bears nose tackle Keith Traylor, taking it 67 yards:

And Packers defensive tackle BJ Raji, at 338 lbs., taking an interception to the house in the playoffs (this also doubles as a great celebration dance):

Raji also has one rushing touchdown, subbing in as a fullback on offense.

And who could forget, at a lithe 310 lbs., Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly and his unlikely 71-yard kickoff return one Monday night?

Finally, Patriots war daddy Vince Wilfork. Wikipedia lists him at 325 lbs, but I would be more likely to believe 425. The first one in slow motion:

BONUS: here’s video of 317 lb. defensive tackle Fred Robbins, running with the ball after an interception when he was a New York Giant, but the video kind of sucks. But when you have a guy like 375 lb. nose tackle Ted Washington, however, even a video of him just running in spring practice doesn’t suck:

I’m not the only one to think this is awesome. Others have posted about it here and here. The first link even had a good one I missed, at 315 lbs, 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley making a catch for a first down:

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