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I’m Sorry. I Know Why the Broncos Had to Lose

The Broncos playoff loss to the Ravens pretty much sucked for everyone here in Colorado. I was pulling pretty hard for the Broncos to win the super bowl this year–even more than I was pulling for the Redskins–most of my … Continue reading

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An Unholy Mess

Emotionally, I feel dead inside. That’s the good news. I think I am physically ill. My eyes are bloodshot. My shoulders are tense and knotted. The maniac need to just keep writing is the only thing standing between me and … Continue reading

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It Probably Can’t Hurt

Good news: the Broncos have a bye, that means I get another week before I have to learn how to spell Demaryius! At the end of the Bengals-Texans game, one of the NBC announcers boasted “that was Arian Foster’s 40th … Continue reading

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