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I’m Sorry. I Know Why the Broncos Had to Lose

The Broncos playoff loss to the Ravens pretty much sucked for everyone here in Colorado. I was pulling pretty hard for the Broncos to win the super bowl this year–even more than I was pulling for the Redskins–most of my … Continue reading

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An Unholy Mess

Emotionally, I feel dead inside. That’s the good news. I think I am physically ill. My eyes are bloodshot. My shoulders are tense and knotted. The maniac need to just keep writing is the only thing standing between me and … Continue reading

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It Probably Can’t Hurt

Good news: the Broncos have a bye, that means I get another week before I have to learn how to spell Demaryius! At the end of the Bengals-Texans game, one of the NBC announcers boasted “that was Arian Foster’s 40th … Continue reading

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Pro Bowl – Now With Pictures!

The NFL announced its pro-bowl rosters today. Fans are getting better at voting, there are only a few stupid selections this year: Jeff Saturday lost his starting job in Green Bay months ago, while Victor Cruz, LaRon Landry, and Robert … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now?

Friend of the WPNFLR Joel Gratz posted this on Facebook today: He writes: So glad that Colorado had a great powder day. Meanwhile in British Columbia, every day just keeps getting better. Today, I jumped off of everything I could … Continue reading

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And The Best Pigeon-Related NFL Video of the Year Goes To…

[Drum roll…] This is one of the best football videos of the year period. I love how the camera focuses on the bird for 7 minutes while an NFL game is going on in the background, and how the guys … Continue reading

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Everybody’s In First Place!

All of the friends I watch football with root for either the Redskins, 49ers, or Broncos, and all three are in first place. Everybody I know is happy this week! The Broncos still have to show up in week 17 … Continue reading

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Major Wright and Major Wrong

After the 49ers destroyed the Bears on week 11’s Monday night game,’s Bill Barnwell wrote “the 49ers produced several big plays against the Bears by exploiting safeties Chris Conte and Major Wright in coverage.” It must have taken NFL-level … Continue reading

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How Not to Use Your Challenge Flag

For years, I complained that 49ers head coach Mike Singletary was the worst at his job in the NFL. In this I was vindicated, as Jim Harbaugh took over the 49ers, and with essentially the same players on the roster, … Continue reading

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I <3 Football Video Speacial Part IV: Fan Generated Content

I’m not the only crazy football fan. I love that there are others out there who contribute to making the game interesting:

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I <3 Football Youtube Video Special Part III: Celebrations

The NFL essentially requires its players to at least attend college. Whether they take advantage of the opportunity and learn something or not is a different question, but having a chance is better than not having one.  Does that have … Continue reading

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I <3 Football Youtube Video Special Part II:Fat Guys Carrying the Ball

“The best play in football is when the fat guy gets the ball and runs with it!” is the top rated comment on this first video, with over 120 thumbs-up. This post includes more than 2,080 lbs of 100% pure … Continue reading

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Week 7 Picks

It’s week 7, and I think we have enough football behind us now to begin making bets against the spread. UPDATE: Betting is hard. I went 2-2 on my “locks,” 4-3 overall. Maybe I’ll get better, or at least get … Continue reading

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Denver Quarterback Surprise!

I voted in an interesting poll in the Denver Post today: Which former Broncos starting QB between the eras of John Elway and Peyton Manning ranks as your favorite? For me, it’s a toss-up between Jake Plummer and Kyle Orton, who … Continue reading

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