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It Probably Can’t Hurt

Good news: the Broncos have a bye, that means I get another week before I have to learn how to spell Demaryius! At the end of the Bengals-Texans game, one of the NBC announcers boasted “that was Arian Foster’s 40th … Continue reading

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Pro Bowl – Now With Pictures!

The NFL announced its pro-bowl rosters today. Fans are getting better at voting, there are only a few stupid selections this year: Jeff Saturday lost his starting job in Green Bay months ago, while Victor Cruz, LaRon Landry, and Robert … Continue reading

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How Not to Use Your Challenge Flag

For years, I complained that 49ers head coach Mike Singletary was the worst at his job in the NFL. In this I was vindicated, as Jim Harbaugh took over the 49ers, and with essentially the same players on the roster, … Continue reading

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No Pink!

Props to both the Niners and the Seahawks tonight, I haven’t seen a single player all game wearing any pink! Actual football content, after the break:

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Roger Goodell and the Wacky Referee Lockout: A Tragic and Comical Story

Logophilia runs in my family. There’s no known cure, doctors say, but it seems to hurt less when the words flow both ways. Ingest a few chapters from a book in the morning, expel a blog post later that afternoon. … Continue reading

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As Legal as it was Violent

You may already have seen this Golden Tate vs. Sean Lee block of the year candidate. The Warren Peace NFL Report does not condone dirty play, but is confident that this hit was 100% legal. Ouch, right? Lee himself didn’t … Continue reading

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Watching Tape On A Couple Rookie Quarterbacks

This year’s draft features two of the best quarterback prospects the NFL has seen in years. I watched some game tape–not highlight reels set to rap music–actual tape of every play over a couple of games, and here’s what I … Continue reading

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